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As a semi solid expert, our goal is to provide security of supply for our customers and help our customers’ businesses to grow by producing high-quality and innovative products. We operate our facilities in accordance with cGMP. Our manufacturing operations are focused on regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, and manufacturing excellence across the organization.
Genero's premises have cGMP certification:

HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning) system which guarantees temperature, humidity,

low particle size and air circulation according to cGMP standard.

Water treatment system with Double step RO ( Reverse Osmosis ) and EDI ( Electro Deionization)
method according to latest USP producing an ultra-purified water (pharmaceutical grade).

Our quality management system is in line with the Indonesian Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices which derived from the current European and U.S Standards. We provide product supply solution from procurement, comprehensive manufacturing to the testing required for release to delivery.
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