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Our goal is to provide research & innovation solutions and help our customer' businesses to grow by
creating innovative winning products. We offer contract development solutions in a broad sense and
manage our intelectual property right.Over the years, we have build our expertise in dermatology,
skin care/cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals.

Most of our products have been tested and proven by the market while others are still undergoing comprehensive and selective development processes to ensure the finest quality and maximum eectiveness.

Based on "therapeutic target area" product development, products are developed based on their position in the queue to ensure the best possible results through new innovations and improvement of existin products. Product life cycle is an important factor for Genero. Thus ongoing monitoring is an integrated part of the process.
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formulalization management
To ensure the product's efectiveness and identification of related undesirable efects, the product prototype will go through clinical trials, scale up/pilot scale and validation process stage.

Products that have successfully gone through the registration process and obtained distribution license will be included in the preparation and execution of commercial product.

Our afer sales ser vice will also be available even afer the product is in the market .